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Edexcel, UK
The Institute for the Management of Information Systems
Swiss Management Center
The Institute of Commercial Management
 Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina
 Institute of Certified Book Keepers, London, UK

Edexcel, UK

Edexcel International has the widest range of academic and vocational qualifications available to schools, college and organizations worldwide. Edexcel is the largest international awarding body that is approved by the official UK authorities, the Qualification Curriculum Authority (QCA). As such our centres can be confident that their students are meeting rigorous standards of achievement, giving them the education and professional progression of their choice.

Edexcel – a passport to opportunity

BTEC qualifications are designed to produce students ready for the workplace or a degree program. Employers worldwide appreciate career-specific courses that keep up with the cutting edge of technology and latest industry practices. Universities recognize and understand the BTEC brand as a global guarantee of achievement. Students enjoy the work-related content because it provides important practical knowledge and skills that will enable them to secure the jobs they want. The employed enjoy the vocational content because they can retrain or gain higher level qualifications whilst in work.

In terms of scale:
  • Edexcel qualifications are available in over 4000 schools, 450+ further education colleges, 100 higher education institutes, 500 employer organizations and 300 training providers in the UK
  • There are over 2.5 million entries and registrations for Edexcel courses each year
  • Over 1.5 million certificates are printed annually
  • 400,000 students receive BTEC qualifications each year
  • Edexcel operates in over 100 Countries around the world from Australia to Zimbabwe.
  • To support Edexcel qualifications, we provide professional training and development for around 33,300 teachers and lecturers each year.


The Institute for the Management of Information Systems (IMIS)

The Institute for the Management of Information Systems (IMIS) is the leading international professional association devoted to the management of information systems within the business environment. With over 14,000 members living and working in more than 70 countries around the world, IMIS brings a global perspective to the universal issues of standards and best practice in this increasingly important profession.


Swiss Management Center

Recognizing the importance of the European and International dimensions in education, Swiss Management Center underwent the process of adapting to the criteria of the Bologna Treaty, which regulates the standards and transferability of credits and degrees in Europe. Switzerland, despite the fact that it is not member of the European Union, signed these conventions and will apply them by 2010. SMC is proud to already fully comply with the criteria set forth in this international convention.


The Institute of Commercial Management

The Institute of Commercial Management is a globally recognised and respected Foundation dedicated to supporting business, personal and professional development.

Over the course of the past twenty years the Institute has steadily expanded into more than 120 countries, working in partnership with education providers, commerce, industry, government, national training agencies, international development agencies and its own professional membership.

Promoting sustainable social and economic development at all levels, in all economies, the Institute is committed to providing high quality global education, training and consulting services which raise performance standards for business, promote lifelong learning and create professional status for individuals.

  • Services
  • Business and Management Education
  • Vocational Education Awards
  • Consultancy and Business Development
  • Corporate Consulting
Each year the Institute provides direct career development services to more than 100,000 ICM Fellows, Members, Associates and Student members.

Vocational Education Awards
ICM programmes are designed to address the wide variety of personal development and training needs of those wishing to enter the commercial sector and to support the continued development and workplace flexibility of those already in employment. In order to maintain global standards, all examination papers for all standard ICM programmes are set by the Institute's Examiners and all candidates' work is returned to the Institute for marking, assessment and the issue of results and certificates.

Unless a candidate undertakes a Single Subject examination, all ICM programmes are multi-subject and candidates are required to undertake formal and externally set and marked examinations in all subjects within any programme.

The Institute offers assessment at Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Graduate Diploma levels and the following is a guide to the target market for each type of programme.


Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina

Moore School of Business is the business faculty at the University of South Carolina.

The Moore School of Business was ranked #2 in the international business specialty April 2, 2004, by U.S. News & World Report in its reputational survey of "America's Best Graduate Schools," the only public university in the top five, ahead of Columbia, Harvard, Duke, Wharton, and NYU. USC has ranked 1st or 2nd for 15 consecutive years.

Moore School was ranked #1 in undergraduate international business education by U.S. News & World Report in its August 2003 annual survey "America’s Best Colleges Guide" —the 7th year the school has received this distinction. Moore’s undergraduate international business program leads New York University, the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, University of Michigan, and University of Southern California. Moore’s undergraduate program also placed #39 overall, up 4 spots from last year, and up 10 from 2001.

A ranking published by the Wall Street Journal Europe listed USC's International MBA among the top 15 MBA programs offered in Europe.

The University of South Carolina international business faculty has been rated #1 in research productivity by the Journal of International Business Studies.

Daniel Management Centre
The Daniel Management Center (DMC) at the Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina, is a comprehensive organization dedicated to helping its clients improve the practice of management and leadership. As one of the first management centers in the Southeast, the DMC has served nearly 250,000 managers from a wide range of organizations over the past thirty years. Our portfolio of products and services is always changing to meet the growing needs of our customers. We have expanded our focused seminars to address the most pressing business and leadership issues.


Institute of Certified Book Keepers, London, UK

The Institute of Certified Book Keepers is the largest book-keeping institute in the world with in excess of 120,000 students and members and is currently registering more than two hundred new people every week.

The Institute of Certified Book-keepers exists to promote the role of the book-keeper in commerce and industry. It supports members in employment or in public practice. It recognises the book-keeper as a professional and accepts only the very highest standards. Above all membership is about finding work, winning clients and improving career prospects.

The Institute awards grades of membership which reflect academic achievement and professional experience. We admit only the best.

Double-entry book-keeping is the foundation on which the whole financial industry is structured. Invented more than five-hundred years ago by Luca Pacioli it is as important today as it was all those years ago. Businesses, whatever their size, must keep good financial records if they are to grow and be successful. It is this Institute’s role to ensure that the book-keeper's part in this is properly recognised and rewarded.

The rapid growth of the Institute is evidence of the need for a world-wide organisation for book-keepers and by joining the Institute of Certified Book-keepers you will be part of an international movement which will enhance your professional standing and recognition and link you to more than one-hundred-thousand fellow book-keepers across the globe.

Programs on Offer
The Institute of Certified Book-keepers manages a range of courses. Use the following links to review syllabuses:

Level I The Certificate in Basic Book-Keeping

Level II The Certificate in Manual Book-Keeping

Level II Certificate in Computerised Book-Keeping

Level III Diploma in Book-Keeping (Manual or Computerised)

Level II Certificate in Payroll Management

Level III Diploma in Payroll Management

The Certificate and Diploma in Business Management


ASET Swiss Management Center
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