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Family Concession
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Scholarship Schemes at CEE (Open to students of all nationalities)

Family Concession

Founding Principle: For the parents who entrust more than one child of their family to CEE, are eligible to apply for CEE family concession. As long as more than one child study with CEE, each of the children will receive a 10% concession on the tuition fees. The privilige will be revoked as soon as one child will remain studying at CEE, even in a situation the other child (childeren) decide to take a term off. This privilige is for studying any program at CEE. In any case, the students must meet admission criteria with the CEE and our partners. In an event, the family has received scholarship award, the higher amount will apply in favor of the student.

Merit Scholarship Awards

Founding Principle: Students of all nationalities are eligible to apply and receive scholarships as long as they meet the requirements as highlighted. Scholarships are an encouragement that the CEE believes in providing talented students to study and grow the name of the institution. The scholarship provided is on tuition fees only.

The scholarships are open for the following programs:
  1. BTEC HND in Business with specialization in
    • Marketing
    • Finance
    • Personnel (HR)
    • General Business
  2. Professional Diploma in Fashion Design
  3. Professional Diploma in Interior Design
  4. Others where it is specified.
Who is eligible?
  • O level students: Students who have completed O levels and have received 3As and 2 Bs minimum
  • 10+2 students: Students must have received 70% and above in their grade 12 exams

How to apply?
Complete the CEE Merit Scholarship Form available online and along with the required documents apply for the same at the time of registration.

Current Student and Alumni Offer

Founding Principle: CEE respects the fact that several of its existing students and alumni choose to enrol for additional programs during and post completion of their first diploma. To honor this commitment to education and loyalty towards CEE programs, CEE Management has announced on May 31 2009 that such students would be automatically eligible for a flat 10% reduction in the new course tuition fees. This is valid for students who are presently studying or have completed diploma level study with CEE.

For Example: Students enrolled in EHRM wishing to move to EBM will get courses transferred but those moving say for example into Interior Design will be eligible for a 10% reduction in new course fees.

How to apply?
The student is automatically eligible to enjoy the CEE Student & Alumni Offer on all programs where no transfer of courses takes place. The student may also check with the Enrollment Advisor on the same.

Connect Referral Reward Program Download Calendar
Connect Program Logo

Founding Principle: CEE is proud to advise that a vast majority of its students are enrolled by "word of mouth" from existing student. The Connect Referral Reward Program is created to benefit the students who from their word of mouth benefit the Centre and allow quality students to be enrolled into its various programs. Students who are active in recommending will constantly benefit. For details on the program and how you can participate, please download the attached PDF or email us on info@cee.ac.ae

Frequently Asked Question

Is the Scholarship on merit only?
Yes the scholarship is on merit basis only

Is the scholarship renewable?
The scholarship lasts for the whole program and is automatically renewable through out the course of study.

Is the scholarship percentage fixed or depends on case by case?
Percentage of scholarship is fixed and no discrimination on the same.

Would I have to deduct amount of scholarship and then make payments to CEE?
No. In order to maintain consistency, payments to CEE will need to be made in full and at the end of each term student will be credited the amount of scholarship by return cheque.

What all documents do I have to submit with the application?
Students are required to submit attested copies (not original) of their grade reports along with complete application form.

How many days does it take to hear about the scholarship?
The Scholarship awarding committee meets every Thursday. Ideally, students will be informed on Saturday of each week on the same.

Can I defer my scholarship to the following term?
No. Students have 5 working days to take advantage of the previlige. CEE reserves the right to offer the same to another candidate, incase CEE does not hear from the student.

Can the scholarship be revoked?
Yes. The scholarship can be revoked only in the following situation(s):

  1. Student fails more than one course module during his course of study
  2. The student defaults his/her payment to CEE

Why did CEE create the CEE Connect Referral Reward?
Majority of CEE students come from word of mouth from our existing students and alumni. Hence to reward such a positive word of mouth the Referral Reward scheme was initiated.

Can I enjoy the CEE Referral Reward if I am a Scholarship student?
Yes. Referral Rewards are for referring your friends/ family. So yes it can be enjoyed with your well deserved Scholarship.

Can I enjoy the CEE Referral Reward if I am enjoying Family concession?
Yes. Referral Rewards are for referring your friends/ family. So yes it can be enjoyed with the family concession, however would not include members who have been included to gain the family concession..

What if I choose to do another program with CEE, will that be counted as a Referral?
Student studying more than one program with CEE may choose to be counted as a Referral and claim the Referral Reward or enjoy the 'Current Student and Alumni Offer'.

In case of any dispute the decision of the CEE management is final.

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