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"It was tough when I took the course because I had a kid to take care of, home to manage, long working hours. But I was committed and determined to achieve it. The experience and knowledge was truly enriching, one of the reasons being that I was in the HR field as an executive so applying the knowledge was not difficult. Another thing that made it extremely enriching was one of the faculty who thought very differently so there was a lot of real time case studies, real time practical examples used when made learning so much easy.

The education earned through CEE has given me the opportunity to plunge into HR management role immediately after I finished the course and further grew into a Group HR Manager. So thank you for the everything!" Jacquilian Dias, EHRM (2006-07) Winner of Student Alumni Awards 2012

"The Education earned from CEE has been beneficial in my profession, at that time my Engineering side was strong, and I was looking to improve my abilities to control the interior Design Studio. At that time  my choice was good to select CEE, where I learned a lot from dedicated teaching staff and proved myself to get the DISTINCTION in all modules. After few months my work was appreciated by my company’s management, and I was decided to go for higher education. However I have completed ‘MSc Construction Management’ in June 2011 (since then from a UK University). Further to this I was a team leader, where our team was won the first position among five teams during the “Study visit to England” in the month of Oct 2011. Apart from Studies, I have incorporated the Green Building Concepts in Interior Designs including retrofitting of the buildings, due to good results of sustainable steps, EWS- WWF has been invited me as a speaker of the event & round table discussion Leader for the second workshop on Sustainability (May 12) for Corporate sector.

Still I have the same sprit as I got from CEE to proceed for further Education." - Mohammad Nayeemuddin Farooqui - Professional Diploma Interior Design (2010-11)

Fashion- A field I always showed interest from my 9th standard. After seeing successful graduates at The Bride Show I decided to get an admission in fashion design and begin my course with CEE. CEE always gave a very supportive approach specially the staff and the teachers.

Starting the course with Shilpa Maam who trained me so well with the sketches and colours and paying special attention to each and every minute detail which led me to perfection. And, Dimple Maam who trained me with all the practical work which is required for a Fashion student from basic stitches to stitching outfits.Today, being a successful graduate from CEE and trained under a very experienced team, I gained the BEST OUTSTANDING AWARD from my batch and passed with distinction.
The moment of pride for me was when I participated for The Swarovski Bride Show as a CEE student and was shortlisted among the 10 finalists. I was also selected and shortlisted the consecutive year for the same among the 12 finalists in the amateur category. Therefore, there was no looking back after gaining the accolades and August 2008 was a start of my Fashion Career.

“MSG by Mansi Gandhi- A contemporary brand for men's wear in the U.A.E. The brand is contemporary; the designs are vibrant, simple yet interesting shapes and guaranteed to turn heads, leave an impression and set a trend! The look is not about an age group but more a certain mind set, and is targeted towards those who are willing to have some fun with clothes.”

Having a good clientele appreciating the work, MSG collection is also available at Arjun and Anjalee Kapoor boutique in Jumeira, Dubai. I’m grateful to the entire CEE team for taking me to a level I always aimed at and making me a confident person in the Fashion field!!! - Mansi Sunil Gandhi, Dip Fashion Design - Winner of Student Alumni Awards 2012

" First & foremost being a part of CEE itself has groomed my personality professionally & personally. I started my career as recruitment consultant in 2005 & have grown gradually in my career but grooming & understanding my profession started in 2010 after joining CEE which was a crucial phase as I was working with a renowned local bank in the UAE    Pursuing EHRM helped polish a lot of my HR skills & etiquettes which increased my confidence as an employee & got me recognition in the bank with over 2000+ employees. Would want to complete my studies with CEE & reach greater heights in the near future in HR endeavours". - Mariyam (EHRM 2012-13)

"Since the time I remember, I was always a fashion savvy and would browse into fashion books and visit fashion shows time and again. Apart from my full time corporate job, I was a Freelance Fashion Designer. I started designing since the year 2007. Luckily, in the year 2008, I got familiar about the existence of CEE. This was the time when I felt that this place shall for sure end up being a base of my dream realisation and I enrolled in the diploma course in fashion design in the evening batch.

Since, I wanted to possess the technical skills to move further, I chose CEE course given that the course covered all the possible elements that I was looking for. I was one of the regular students in the batch and enjoyed the team work and the learning all through the course. I enjoyed all the assessments since they enabled us to sharpen our skills and bring out the creativity from within.

Soon after I completed the diploma, I started approaching designers looking for an appropriate exposure where I could further enrich my skills. Currently, I have quit my corporate job and I am working as an Assistant Fashion Designer based in Mumbai. We both teamed up and came up with his high street fashion collection 2012.

I have started working on my own clothing line in the name of www.GetLibaas.com  which is a renowned name in the west and is gradually becoming popular locally too. Right after my completion of the course, I have recommended the same for quite many of my friends who were inspired by my career growth. In the end, I would like to thank CEE for making it possible for my dreams to come true." Sameena Syed, Professional Diploma in Fashion Design 2010

"First of all I would like to say that studying fashion designing in CEE really helped me in my career as I have learned all the techniques which a designer should know. From CEE I got a chance in bride show Dubai in order to show my young designer talent & also to be a part of Hotel show Dubai. After completing BTEC professional diploma, I have done side business as a fashion with my brand name Sana’s U.K. I ‘am really proud of being an ex student of CEE."- Sana Zaheer, Professional Diploma in Fashion Design 2008

"I am working for Fashion and Media more than 7 years at Dubai Media Inc. My job in TV channel as Head of Image Department in Dubai Government , Before any presenter goes on air they have to pass by over office for makeover with makeup, Hair and Wardrobe Stylist.  But fashion design was always there in my life to learn and understand more about my work. And i was looking for the right fashion Design collage for more than 1 year, then I start Google about Collage in UAE then I saw about CEE and they had course which I was looking for long time. I join in first day. Learn so much in this past 1 year from the centre for executive education.I like the way teacher was supporting in class and giving us courage for fashion design. I didn’t know anything about fabric and cutting or Drafting. I had a little hard time to understand but support and work hard with a team I reached my goal.
I am going to start my on Men clothing line after summer. I am so happy that CEE was part of my life. I am going to fly Milan this summer for short course and I want to come back with some good experience and mix with Dubai experience and create something different for UAE market. I always want to thank the centre for Executive Education. This what i feel when i join College." - Zak Muhammed, Professional Diploma in Fashion Design, May 2012

"Education earned from HND (CEE) has been beneficial in my professional life as it has let me experience a rich cultural and social scene, meeting a variety of people while studying something I've always love. It also leads to increase my earning potential, a wider range of opportunities and a more rewarding career. Moreover, it has helped me to develop qualities that are valued by employers, such as problem-solving and communication skills." - Zainab Syed, HND Business 2012

"Back in 2007-08 when choices for studies were not as diverse and easy to make as now and quality education was very expensive I considered myself extremely fortunate to have come across CEE for exploring my study options.  The course work helped me progress ahead in my newly started career and offered me great insight to practical business and industry knowledge.  The assignments, lectures coupled with the conducive environment and well qualified staff made it the whole experience a fresher’s delight! 

The course modules and case studies enhanced my research skills helping me discover the analytical side of the business which is needed for someone to progress further in a career.  I recall how modules were structured in a way to ensure they involve case studies, exams and presentations, the latter really helped inculcate the much needed confidence in my communication skills.  Every student was given individual attention which is really unique about CEE when compared to other institution and colleges.  I was rewarded for the input I brought to my existing projects, my mentor was very impressed with my performance  which lead to my promotion whilst I had not even finished the HND -- I could see the change in my professional life already.  Later when I joined one of UK’s top ranking university I found it extremely easy to get in and the study structure was very similar to CEE’s which made it very easy for me to adjust and maintain my study-work balance .  CEE has evidently helped my career journey right from being an unrecognised Admin Staff to a Sr. Development Coordinator and now being a Portfolio Manager.  And as I march on I am sure I will need to come back to the Centre for some pep up...

I continue recommending CEE to all my friends and family many of whom have come back to thank me for helping them make the right choice! I am confident that the continually evolving ingenious nature of CEE Management will keep it ahead of its competitors in the business of quality education! Best wishes." Nabya Shaukat Ali, HND 2008

"Through the education that I have gained from the CEE, I have now more better understanding about the real Human Resources practises from different point especially from the Management view which given me additional knowledge that could enhance my HR professional skills for the future endeavour. This education is making me ready to compete within the HR markets which build me to be more aware and well knowledge about any kind of Human Resources practises for better actualization and implementation especially for my current position.

I am thanking all the teachers at the CEE for given me their support and adding my value to the company through their knowledge shared with me and as well to all the management and staffs at the CEE who been always helping me of went through all the difficulties as well as their tremendous assistance during my study. Hopefully I could gain knowledge at this great place for my further MBA course that I am plan for the near future. Thanking you all once again." Rosana Meldwati, EHRM 2012

"EBM course helped me in managing by business very easily especially like how to design marketing policies & how to manage administration. Course is really worthy. Also faculty management was also very cooperative in solving all the issues in timely manner & way of teaching is also awesome. Thanks to the faculty & management for all the efforts." - Mohd Talha Naser, EBM 2012-13

" I know, it sounds practical, but I'm very glad I've had enough peace of mind to get involved into the1 year interior design course in the Center and successfully completed it. I had committed to it, attended most of the classes and am very pleased that with our teacher. He is patient and wise, creative and smart. The way he was giving us knowledge was very open minded, now I understand That it could be greater if he could just push it more, so that I could get more of the information and experience in the new to me programs. This course change a lot for me, I'm not an ordinary sales person anymore, I find a new job in interior design solutions company in Dubai and work as project manager assistant. We supply hotel solutions, turnkey design and installment. That's great to do what you want to do and earn money with it, not just spend hours at routine boring job waiting for end of the month!
It's great to realize what makes you feel happy and keeps you busy and interested, you just need to make another effort and start to get educated in this field. Just say YES to develop yourself and the result would show up faster then you can believe! Thank you guys, thanks to teacher and (for the) ceremony. Katerina Kuznetsova, Dip ID (2009-10)

"Studying in CEE gave me the core studies required for me to fully understand the HR industry. It gave me the tools to excel in my work in the HR and Administration department in my company. Furthermore, the faculty and administration were very supportive to all students especially in reminding us of our assignments and giving us updated trends in the market. Until now, I still keep myself updated with the new programs offered by the centre." Armilee Sastrillo, EHRM/PGHRM (2009-2010)

"I greatly enjoyed CEE , I was able to really express my creative side and make my ideas into reality. CEE has  excellent staff that will nurture your imagination and help you achieve your goals. I would definitely recommend Edexcel & CEE!!I continue to excel and climb the corporate ladder because of the ideas I learned from CEE. Such ideas as drive, imagination, thinking outside of the box, and passion. Thank you  Edexcel & CEE." Jubeena Jaleel, Dip ID 2009

"The course really helped us tremendously mainly because of the contribution of our faculty.He was brilliant in the way you taught us and made us understand the designing concepts. We were properly guided and encouraged by him.We were regularly taken for exhibitions and seminars.We were made to do all the projects and it was ensured by you that everybody took active participation in it. Everyone was graded impartially. Personal attention was given to everyone.Overall the course was informative." - Manasi, Dip ID 2009

"Studying HND (Business Management) at CEE has been a rewarding experience. Great lecturers, Most of the things we learn in theory are applied to real life situations and current projects. There is a surprisingly diverse range of topics covered in lectures making the relatively longer hours of lectures on this course more bearable." - Imad Rauf, HND Business 2008

Through “The Professional Diploma in Interior Design” offered by The Centre for Executive Education, we were introduced to fundamental concepts and considerations in Interior Design.  In the course of lecture and lab sessions we learned essential computer programs pertaining to architectural drafting and 3D visualization. Tutorial-based classes ensure practical learning and at the same time provide personalized guidance along the way. Presentations also allow students to gain confidence in presenting their work- a skill that is essential in the Interior Design profession.

The technical skills I learnt, the friendly atmosphere in the classroom and the able guidance of well qualfied instructors all contributed towards an enriching and worthwhile experience that prepared me for my university studies. I would highly recommend this course to prospective interior design students or entrepreneurs in the field. Wishing you and everyone at CEE continued success!
Kind regards,Christine dos Santos Dip ID 2008

"I found the Interior Design Course at CEE to be geared well towards its objective of providing vocational training in this subject. I enjoyed attending my classes and found my tutor to be motivating, approachable and supportive. It was also extremely interesting to interact with students from many different walks of life. After completing the year I felt confident enough to appprach potential employers with my portfolio, and was lucky to be offered employment within the design industry."- Fatima Masud, Dip. ID 2008

"I guess I can say my time in CEE was the best time i ever spend in any educational institute, i made a lot of friends and learnt alot. the staff was very friendly.
and I now that anyone that comes after me will feel the same." Stephanie, Dip ID 2009

"My experience with the CEE has very been a interesting journey. It offered me the course that fit my requirements perfectly and the cherry on the cake happened to be taught by extremely professional and thorough faculty. But i feel that the course should have been extended by a few months so that we could be spend more time learning tricks of the trade. I would also like to add that the faculty has been excellent, especially our instructor who did a great great job in teaching us all the concepts very clearly. Overall I would say that I strongly recommend CEE to those who wish to pursue a career in interior designing." Sofia Kaur Dip.ID 2009

"I had a great time at CEE; found the faculty very competent and dedicated; the course layout was very comprehensive and practical, training students for the real thing (job). thats about it, also that i enjoyed the assignments, still have the layouts we were given in autocad. Like to play around with them sometimes." - Javeria Fatima, Dip.ID 2008

Hi my experience of studying at CEE was really great , I am really glad to have made a right choice as Interior Design course was very structured and Faculty is very professional , Our Teacher was very Didactic and able to create the perfect atmosphere to make us work with enthusiasm , And we truly achieved a lot in one year Diploma Programme.I would like to mention my Interior Designer Friend's remarks who visited me from England, "I have to say "Fantastic"...what I have seen of your work yet. your portfolio,  your visuals, your detailed-designs and the over-all progress you made by attending the CEE design course. I can only say that I was impressed. I feel that your course was well organized and structured. I could tell that your teacher was very thorough and committed by the way you discussed about your work and showed me all the details that you have learned  at CEE. I think the way it was taught with group interactions also enabled the learning process challenging and interesting. I would simply say that this course can compete any Professional Interior Design Diploma in England ."
If you have a passion for Designing go ahead ! CEE will be a right choice.
One Happy Student  ..Kanwal Fatima, Dip ID 2009

"I am doing great. I have a permanent job as an HR administrator with a great MNC. The course has definately helped me suceed in finding a suitable job and my true calling." - Nicole D'Souza, EHRM 2008

"In September 2007 I started the one- year course “Diploma in Fashion Design” by Edexcel International through CEE at Knowledge Village, Dubai.

I am a Barrister in Criminal Law & Family Law by profession and worked as one for over ten years but I decided that I wanted to do something totally different for a while. I like fashion so a I thought I had found the perfect course.

Now, 13 months later, I have just submitted my last assignment and if I look back I really think it was the perfect course. The lessons are informal and well taught where nobody needs to be afraid to ask any” stupid “questions. This course is a highly professional course where submissions and homework are important. That is what makes this course so special: whereas fashion is a very “airy” subject but in this course you really actually have to achieve something to receive that Diploma. It has value! In my view it is a very good preparation for the competitive world of fashion in general. It sets the right mentality. It starts from scratch and it is guiding you through your own creativity!  I would like to compliment the team on their patience and positive attitude. Always willing to listen and always willing to explain it to you again with a smile. The faculty made the course exciting and was demanding enough that you wanted to do your very best with the best results! I would like to thank the faculty for her patience and sunny personality and for sharing her knowledge and experience with me.

This was a course really worthwhile and I can recommend it to anybody with an interest in fashion! (and wants to work hard).

Thank you very much Edexcel, CEE and our faculty,

Kind regards,

Noëlle Adam - Fashion Designer, Noëlle Couture  & Beaumano (Diploma in Fashion 2008)

“Thank you very much for your enormous support at all times, for your understanding and assistance. My experience at CEE was as per my expectations and I really enjoyed all the subjects. I greatly appreciate constructive approach in teaching of the faculty and very interesting and interactive learning with them. I will definitely recommend CEE to my friends and colleagues as one of the most effective and practical knowledge providers. I wish good luck to everyone at CEE!“ – Katerina Gaidukova, EBM 2006

"As a note, I would like to thank you to CEE and all its staff for being so assertive and patient with us, guiding and educating us in leading us to our most desired goals - a right career and a right career achievements. An especial thank you the faculty, who made me and, believe all of us, discover all the best we have in dealing and communicating with people, presenting our ideas and implement them in real life and who introduced us to the world of Marketing Management and placed us for real on the market. The knowledge they helped me to gain supports me today in my career greatly and I believe this is only the begining. I am greatful for her patience and understanding of our needs. But all of this would not be possible if CEE would not have such a talented young Executive Manager as Mrs. Kashish Betheja who help and guides us from the very first begining through whole course, supporting us and understanding in all possible ways, having as a right hand Mr. Benny Varghese, who is always there for us, always ready to advise and help. Saying this, I say YES to CEE and I know for sure now that this institution prepares real specialists with good career prospects. Thank you all and many successes ahead.“ – Angela Bolgar (EBM Oct 2006)

�I am glad to have taken the Human Resources Management program. My directors are very pleased with my performance. Also, the faculty is very well educated on this subject and she makes the class really lively after a long working day. I am looking forward to taking up the next module � � Renata Miranda (EHRM, July 2005)

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for teaching us the world of "Corporate Strategy". Very rarely have I come across some good teachers who really know how to teach and grab the attention of their students throughtout class. My span of attention is very low and usually get lost given the chance. With your teaching ability you have made sure that a person like me stays focused in every single class.
Thank you - for taking the trouble of bringing us articles, cases from sources other than the book. - for sharing with us your personal work experiences related to the subject you taught us. - for making sure each one of us were asked to express our opinion at some point or the other.
The knowledge imparted has definitely helped in my work, I now understand strategies much more clearly. I am sure by God's grace this knowledge will definitely help me achieve my goals.
I would like to thank the management at CEE for having an experienced and excellent teacher in their faculty team.
Thanks to my fellow students for sharing their experiences as well. All in all a wonderful learning experience. Wishing you and my fellow students all the best." Jacquilian Dias EHRM , July 2005
�I especially liked the focus on modern trends in strategy� � Roslyn, EHRM 2005
�I especially liked - the faculty�s explanations were excellent, informative and subject related matter; very supportive faculty and knowledgeable� � Lorraine Rodrigues EHRM 2005
�The explanation during the sessions supported with real life examples and that created an interesting learning experience for us� � Zahida Parveen, EHRM 2005
�The faculty is very effective and very knowledgeable about the subject. The course taught me a lot especially with regards to understanding HR issues� � Fatma Ortiz EHRM 2005
"When i first inquired about CEE, i was confident that it would help and assist in providing its students with better education and learining and moreover rewarding careers. I guess my view towards your educational professionalisim has proven true. What i learnt in strategy specifically and HRM generally helped me in presenting to the Board of Directors a detailed Strategy and Action Plan on our HR Department.

It took lot of effort and time to get things together for such a presentation, the end result was a confirmation of my new position, Vice President-Human Resources at my organization. I wanted the whole team to join me my joy and wish the best to all the rest."- Sami El-Sadek EHRM 2005
"What helped me the most was the teacher�s ability to relate what we were studying to every-day situations, which helps us to understand the practicalities of the material." - Emma Sims EHRM 2003-05
"I would recommend the program to those already in, or seeking to enter the HR Management arena. The Center�s Management and faculty understand and acknowledge the demands on working professionals in the UAE, thus providing an unmatched flexibility in meeting their individual needs. The faculty is professional, yet friendly and make themselves available for consultation and guidance even on their personal time. The program is affordable, with the Center�s feasible payment plan." - Bosco D'Souza EHRM 2003-05
"What was important for me and something also regularly voiced by other students, was the recognition and support extended both the management and faculty towards instilling confidence and awareness in the individual�s ability to succeed." Dennis Ward, Group Quality Manager RHS Group EDBA 2002-4
"As you are aware that I have worked at Wafi City F&B Division for the last 6 years in the capacity of HR Coordinator and during then I did not course in EHRM and eventually got promoted to Admin & Personnel Manager. The course was very good I got a better understanding of the entire HR & its processes, I got a better understanding of motivation and the uses of it on my employees. Overall I really enjoyed my time. You guys were great thank you. If you need any more information please feel free to call me." Deborah Pacheco EHRM 2003-04

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